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Recover - Resilisency - Wellness

Learn a little more about the South Florida Wellness Network Team and the story behind how our logo was created in the artists own words.

About Our Logo

Our Team:

Susan Nyamora, President & CEO

Bobbie Linkhorn, Adult Program Supervisor

Taylor Blanco, Youth Program Supervisor

Rachael Craig-Dunn, Family Program Supervisor

Gillian Stedman, Administrative Outreach Support

Adult Peer Support

  • Drew Shapiro
  • Manuela Mos

TIP Wellness Coaches

  • Nicole Murano
  • Crysta Snyder
  • Arthur Gallop
  • Cassandra Wheeler

CRS Peer Support

  • Terri Scott
  • Rocio Vasquez
  • Harris Brodsky
  • Dennis Devine
  • Lauren Fields

Family Support Partners

  • Ledy Guzman

Youth Peer Support

  • Tyler Lester
  • Shomari Bell

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  1. I really do appreciate the level of knowledge that you bring to the table with well written articles like this, thank you!

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