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South Florida Wellness Network Logo v3

SFWN Logo Artist Allie S

Allie S. faced the biggest challenge of her life this year.   As a senior in graphic design at University of Central Florida, she was busy with classes, friends and work.  She had been chosen as among the top students in her class to work in the graphic design department at UCF’s Office of Student Involvement, where she created graphic materials for a myriad of student organizations. She was at the top of her game.  Her top, however, kept getting higher and higher.   Unbeknownst to her, she was steadily progressing toward a manic state until, inevitably, she crashed.  At the urging of family and friends, Allie saw a doctor who diagnosed her with Bipolar Disorder I. With medication, she is now stable and looks forward to getting back to her successful student life. While recovering, Allie had the opportunity to create the South Florida Wellness Network logo.   To her, the globe surrounding the people was like a crystal ball looking to the future while providing protective covering.  The three people, representing Recovery, Resiliency and Wellness, reach out and hold each other illustrating the importance of a strong network in the journey toward wellness.  Their uplifted arms represent the joy of progressing forward to a better place, shown by the path in the foreground. Allie is on that path herself.  She looks ahead to stronger mental health and a successful life, confident that she has faced down adversity and taken her first steps forward.

Allie S.

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