Family Outreach Coordinator

Gretchen Rovira


Gretchen Rovira has joined South Florida Wellness Network as a Family Outreach Coordinator. Ms. Rovira has a Bachelor’s Degree in General Communications and a Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling from the School of Medicine in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She is also a Certified Addiction Professional.

Ms. Rovira moved to South Florida 8 years ago and has worked as a therapist for a residential program for Hispanics, a private treatment program, a psychiatric hospital and child welfare. In 2011 Ms. Rovira received the award of Therapist of the Year from the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association. Ms. Rovira is currently a member of the NAMI Board of Directors. Ms. Rovira has participated in news interview on CNN to create awareness on mental illness and prevent stigma.

While working in the media she was invited to feed the homeless and that’s when she felt her calling in life to help and support others. After that experience she started to work as a Outreach Specialist for the City of San Juan.  Her passion for the news took her back to school in 2008 where she did another Masters Degree in Journalism at the Florida International University. She wants to create awareness and prevent stigma using the Internet, social media and other channels to bring a message of hope and recovery.

Ms. Rovira has a daughter who is in recovery for Trichotillomania and a son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. Through her different experiences in life she has become an advocate  for mental health and substance abuse. She is interested in civil rights, education, empowerment, leadership and social justice.


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