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Youth Peer, Adult Peer, and Family Peer


The South Florida Wellness Network (SFWN), a recovery oriented, behavioral health advocacy and education consumer organization, is seeking a Peer Specialist to work full time. The primary focus of this position will be outreach that may consist of face-to-face, telephone, mail and e-mail contact with individuals with emotional, behavioral, mental health, or substance use needs and/or challenges. Work as part of a team that provides hope, encouragement and inspiration on their journey of wellness and/or recovery. The Peer Specialist will work under the direction of each program: Youth Services, Adult Services or Family Services.

Position Status:   Full Time


General Duties and Responsibilities: 


  1. Provide support services to youth, adults and/or or families by phone, in their home or an alternate location that meets the needs of individual and/or families.
  1. Effectively communicate, listen, and understand the problems, concerns, barriers faced by youth, adults and/or families.
  2. Utilize and teach problem solving techniques with youth, adults and/or families.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of current trends and developments in the area of Recovery by reading books, journal articles, attending trainings, and relevant materials.
  4. Refer the youth, adults and/or families to programs offering services that compliment individual and/or family needs.
  5. Support youth, adults and/or families in reaching personal goals for recovery and wellness.
  6. Understand and utilize specific interventions necessary to support youth, adults and/or families in meeting their recovery and wellness goals.
  1. Is responsible for the overall quality of the file and ensures that all needed forms are included, dated, and signed as appropriate.
  1. Organize and maintain information on assigned youth, adults and/or families, such as documentation on number of visits, referrals and linkages made.
  1. Documents in accurate and clear manner e.g.: Describes the focus of the sessions, interventions used.
  2. Completes and submits monthly billing on or before the 2nd day of the calendar month following the provision of the services.


Direct Services Provision

Advocates on behalf of youth, adults and/or families for services, basic needs, and other related issues. Schedules and follows up appointments for all needs of the youth, adults and/or families. Demonstrates knowledge and ability to provide recovery support services.


  1. Remains informed about local, state, and federal standards and regulations pertaining to the provision of services to the youth, adults and their families.
  2. Attend trainings and participate in ongoing professional development.
  1. Maintain a working knowledge of current trends and developments in the area of Recovery by reading books, journal articles, and relevant materials.

Competencies Required

  1. In process to become a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS).
  2. An understanding of the skills required to be a Peer Specialist.
  3. An understanding of the values and ethics of a Peer Specialist.
  4. An understanding of the recovery process and how to use their own recovery story to support others.
  5. Effective use of wellness, recovery and self-care skills in their own life.
  6. Demonstrated ability to respond and respect the cultural diversity of individuals and families and the community and respond to their needs without prejudice.
  7. Demonstrated ability to communicate professionally.
  8. Knowledge about resources available in community.
  9. Should be aware of peer boundary issues and maintain a professional relationship with youth, adults and families.
  10. Good organizational, verbal and written skills.
  11. Basic computer skills including the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, E- mail, and the Internet.
  12. Ability to endorse vision, mission, and values of South Florida Wellness Network, Inc.
  13. Reliable transportation to do community visits.


Please send resumes and cover letters to

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